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Here you will find the incredible art work and sometimes very unusual creations of Robert and Cayenne Waits. **

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Chainsaw Carvings


Here you will find many of Robert's finest works and some of the more fun pieces. Each of these has been hand carved using a chainsaw and various other carving tools. All are made one at a time.

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These are some of Robert's smaller more intricate works of art. Each of these have been hand carved, one at a time.

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On Site Giant Carvings


Onsight carvings are made from YOUR dead unsightly tree, right in your yard. Robert will bring all the necessary tools and talent to turn that dead stump into a fantastic work of art!

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Shire Folk & Doodle Dragons


The smallest line of sculptures by the artists at RCWaitsArt (Formerly Elderberry Shire). They are little creatures from the imaginations of Robert and Cayenne Waits.

Each one is an original, one of a kind, hand made fantasy sculpture.


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Stone Spirits


Stone Spirits are carved from found stone. Each one is hand carved one at a time using high speed rotary tools.

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Graphite Drawings


Prints from original, one of a kind, graphite drawings by RCWaits.

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These are not the typical acid etched or sand blasted stenciled glass etching that just anybody can do. Robert uses a dremel tool to draw on the outline of the picture and then uses the dremel to shade and sometimes the sand blaster to add character to the piece of art. Each of these has been hand drawn and hand etched.

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Prints from original, one of a kind paintings by RCWaits.

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Our Blog

The Waits
Master Carver, Robert C. Waits AKA TheBearGuy---Now RCWaitsArt, is a self taught artist. He has been carving wood, stone and glass since 1988 and has been chainsaw carving since 1995. He has won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in chainsaw carving competitions. Also Artist Choice and Peoples Choice Awards. His wood carvings have been featured on HGTV, The Outdoor Channel and Fox News. And they have been sold around the world. Although wood carving is his main passion, he has also mastered the art of glass etching, stone carving, airbrushing, ice sculpture, clay sculpting and acrylic painting and the latest, Graphite Pencil Drawing.


Fantasy Clay Sculptor, Cayenne Waits, AKA Elderberry Shire---Now RCWaitsArt, is a self taught artist. After discovering sculpy in 1993, when there was only one choice-white, she dabbled here and there in sculpting. Making fantasy sculptures; elves, dragons, unicorns. When the wonderful clay colors came out, so did the creativity- jewelry, beads, earrings, pins, pens and miniatures of all kinds. But the fairy side was tugging again and gave way back to the fantasy sculptures. Since 2007, the year the Shire Folk were born, she has been doing mostly fantasy sculptures and Doodle Dragons are definately her favorite.

RCWaitsArt is and always has been the owner of the ORIGINAL "THEBEARGUY.com" site.



Robert Waits



Cayenne Waits




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